Congratulations! In recognizing you are at a turning point, you have achieved one of the most difficult steps. Now for the big question:

What’s Next?

Let’s begin by looking at the nature of a turning point. A turning point presents you with a change opportunity, and with a choice. Just like the TV game show winner, you get to choose what’s behind door #1, #2 or #3.

Door #1 - DELAY
Doubts, fears, fatigue or other priorities can make the status quo look like the best choice---for now. Even so, take one step toward your future. Bookmark this site for later. When you’re ready, coaching can help you discover strategies to reach your goals and overcome obstacles with greater ease and confidence.

Door #2 - STAY
Making change isn’t always the right answer. Your turning-point choice might be to “stay the course”. If the idea of coaching still intrigues you, consider working with a coach to prepare for your next step. When a great opportunity flies by, you (and your organization) will be ready.

Door #3 - PLAY
You’ve decided to “play full out”, embracing both the opportunities and risks that will pop up. A coach can help you navigate the unexpected, keep up momentum, and challenge you to achieve more than you thought possible.

Your primary task when you’re at a turning point is to make a choice.

What’s best for you right now, and for the people who look to you for leadership?

If you think coaching might help you with “What’s next?” I invite you to try a complimentary session.