What is Team Coaching?
A team is a group of people who can achieve amazing things, if motivated to go beyond personal differences and agendas, to reach for something larger.

Team Coaching is a Coach-Leader-Team partnership that inspires and equips a group of individuals to collaborate and achieve outstanding team, organizational and personal goals. Together, discussions, assessments and tools are developed and applied to “real work”. This means the team adopts a unique and realistic set of strategies for utilizing members’ strengths, resolving problems, influencing others and making decisions.

On one level, coaching helps the team successfully reach its specific goals. Just as importantly, the team learns strategies and skills for working more efficiently and effectively in the future, regardless of the job it faces.



Could your Team Benefit from Coaching?
Valuable talent, time and money are wasted when:

Why is teamwork so challenging?

If you’ve ever been frustrated with leading a team, consider this:

How many subgroups can exist within a team of 8 people?

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  • Decisions get stalled because the right information or people, are missing
  • Decisions get made, but follow-through is inconsistent
  • In-fighting, strong egos and competitiveness jeopardize larger goals
  • The team can’t influence effectively to get necessary resources
  • Personality differences are a hindrance instead of an advantage
  • Meetings waste time
  • Members use connections to senior management, to go around the leader
  • Mission, strategies and goals are out of date, or are constantly changing
  • Differences of opinion never get resolved, or never get aired
  • High turnover stalls progress
  • There’s no way to assess the team’s strengths, weaknesses and progress
  • Information doesn’t get communicated to those who need it
  • Hidden agendas are preventing team success
  • Morale and productivity are dropping

Complimentary Coaching Session

I am happy to discuss how Team Coaching would benefit your team. Contact Turning Point Alliance for a complimentary session.