Ensure that a successful hire becomes a successful leader.

START RIGHT NOW™ is a comprehensive “on-boarding” program that dramatically cuts the time it takes for a senior leader to transition into a new position.

A new leader has been hired or transferred into a high-profile position and everyone is talking. Starting with the first day on the job, credibility, trust, integrity, and leadership style are being communicated and judged. When deciding to fully support the new executive, or sit on the sidelines, these factors matter more to people than any resume. In addition, the company has invested a lot of time and money in the new hire, and there are high expectations for quick results.

START RIGHT NOW™ utilizes executive coaching, assessment tools and structured team activities to address the critical concerns, challenging issues, and key relationships that can make or break a new leader. The coach and leader build a “100 Day Success Plan”, using the three strategies illustrated below.


Estimates of the number of newly-hired executives who fail to meet expectations within the first year on the job run between 40 - 50%.

How might a failed new-hire impact your organization?

What’s the effect on:
- team productivity?
- hiring budget?
- organization’s reputation?
- the hiring manager, staff, customers and suppliers?

The “100 Day Success Plan”

Strategy #1: The Leader Establishes Strong Support by:
  • Identifying and galvanizing a network of people who are essential to the leader’s success
  • Having candid, focused discussions with the boss and team members, to build trust, partnership and accountability
  • Utilizing a coach to discuss confidential questions, concerns and ideas
  • Learning how to effectively influence people in this organization
  • Utilizing his or her team to produce early “wins”

Strategy # 2: The Leader Accelerates the Learning Curve by:
  • Asking the right questions to uncover the organization’s culture and how things really work
  • Establishing strategies for sorting through a mountain of new data, so the first months are manageable
  • Utilizing a variety of assessment tools to take leadership abilities to the next level
  • Asking questions, in the right way, to get insight into the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
    and threats

Strategy #3: The Leader Maintains Focus by:
  • Discerning your “top priorities” from a sea of contenders
  • Clarifying key metrics to measure personal, team and organizational success
  • Delegating appropriately
  • Demonstrating personal accountability, and holding others accountable, from the beginning

Complimentary Coaching Session

If you are transitioning into a new, high-stakes position, or hiring someone who is, I invite you to discuss whether START RIGHT NOW™ will benefit you and your organization. Contact Turning Point Alliance for a complimentary consultation.



“This was the most successful integration of a new manager I have ever seen in my 20-plus years at Nike.”

- Ed Thomas,
Director of Advanced Materials Research,
Nike, Inc.