What is Executive Coaching?
Executive Coaching is a confidential partnership that expands a leader’s abilities to set and achieve goals that are critical for personal, team and organizational success.

Great business success ultimately depends on people who are motivated to go beyond the limits of time, budget and what’s familiar. The catalyst is a leader who inspires people with vision, direction and the will to break boundaries.

With all eyes on the person in charge, executives frequently seek a coach to confidentially discuss and develop skills and strategies for new or complex challenges they are facing. Many leaders also utilize a coach to help them smooth the rough edges, or prepare for the next promotion.

As a leader, you are often the topic of dinner conversation for people who work with you.

What do you think they are saying?

If you could change that conversation, would you?

Coaching equips a Leader to:
  • Successfully guide the organization through change, and unpredictable circumstances
  • Achieve high-risk, high-visibility goals
  • Uncover blind spots that compromise one’s effectiveness
  • Keep a strategic focus

Expect to Achieve

A more powerful leadership style, where you:
  1. Communicate an inspiring vision of the organization’s future
  2. Keep the organization focused on the priorities and strategies for success
  3. Influence effectively, to get support for key initiatives
  4. Transform individuals with different agendas into a collaborative team that exceeds expectations
  5. Motivate people to embrace change so the organization stays competitive and innovative
  6. Share leadership responsibilities with others, grooming them to succeed
  7. Manage confrontation effectively
  8. Make conscious choices about work-life balance, and act on them
  9. Identify key metrics to measure professional, team and organizational success
  10. Coach others to assume higher-level responsibilities

Complimentary Coaching Session
Who do you turn to when you want to discuss questions, concerns and/or get feedback that’s agenda-free? I invite you to experience Executive Coaching and decide if it's right for you. Contact Turning Point Alliance for a complimentary session.