Tight Training Budget? Put Teams To New Usefulness.

Success Teams

How does your company help employees develop skills so they can achieve their annual performance goals? In my experience, I’ve never heard a company say they have the time and budget they’d like, to help employees improve their skills.

Most companies find:
  • There’s limited time or budget for attending courses or seminars
  • Mentors are in short supply
  • Managers are well-intentioned but too busy to coach their employees
  • Only a limited number of leaders have access to executive coaches
  • Books or online courses don’t address the specific issues your people face

This creates a gap between yesterday’s skills and tomorrow’s challenges.

Try using Success Teams to fill the gap. This approach brings together employees who want to build similar skills or competencies. Members share their collective knowledge, network and resources so that each person who participates learns more than they would working alone. Peer coaching, structured plans, group accountability and group support assures the team works efficiently and effectively. Within a limited number of sessions, and for minimal cost, Success Teams help people learn, apply and sustain new skills, while also building strong networks across the organization.