Create the Next Chapter of Your Life Story

The first turning point in my life was when I was 10 years old. My Grandmother died from a sudden heart attack. This was my first brush with death, and it really hit me. Peggy was a 4’10” tower of life, love, understanding and fun. She was my confidant and like a mother to me, and all of a sudden this wonderful 60 year old lady was gone forever. It was then that I realized that life can end in an instant and that you don’t have forever. Since then, I’ve always been driven to both plan for tomorrow and live for today. It’s a tough juggling act, but the first step is being clear about my priorities. This experience has also motivated me to ask others about their most important values and priorities, with this question tagged on, “Why wait?”

In light of the reality that your time is not unlimited, how might your daily “to do” list change? What crucial items would be added? Beyond the business and busyness that consumes each day, what do you want to accomplish? Contribute? Complete? Create or build? What legacy or reputation do you want to leave behind?

Perhaps it’s time for an adjustment, or maybe a large change—time to create the next chapter of your life story. Here’s a simple exercise that can help.

  1. GET CLEAR Where should you focus your energy? It’s tough to know, when you have many competing priorities that are all “number 1”. No matter how busy you are, you can take at least 15 minutes to start doing some strategic thinking about where your professional and personal life is headed---and where you want it to go. Begin by listing your top 3 professional and top 3 personal goals.

  2. GET HELP No captain sails a ship alone. When the stakes are high and time is limited, why be inefficient? Increase the resources you utilize---starting now. Review your network, including colleagues, strategic partners, books, seminars, the internet, mentors, friends, family, professional coaches or consultants. List 5 new ways to use your professional and personal resources to help you achieve your top goals.

  3. BUILD AN ACTION PLAN Each day is filled with demands on your time and attention. It is easy to become side tracked, short-sighted or lose momentum. A clear picture of your goal, with a detailed action plan is an essential ingredient for success. Spend 15 minutes, writing an action plan, (and building in accountability), that will help you turn good intentions into good results.

  4. GET OUT OF YOUR WAY Everyone has blind spots and self-limiting habits. What are yours? Perfectionism? Procrastination? Abrasiveness? If you’re tired of trying to run full speed with an anchor tied to one foot, enlist the support of one whose unbiased, informed input you trust.

  5. GET MOVING The world won’t wait till you have enough time, a complete plan, sufficient budget or clear mind space.
    Each day, find simple ways to:
    • Motivate yourself into action
    • Hold yourself accountable to follow your plan
    • Eliminate what’s not working
    • Celebrate your achievements

Coaching is a confidential partnership, dedicated to helping people move from the important to the significant…transforming goals and dreams into reality. When you are at a turning point and realize you want to make a change in your life, Coaching can help you do that faster, easier and more successfully.